Photo Challenge 2016 Week 18: Something I love

For this weeks photo challenge I decided to share something that I love. Ringette. I've been watching ringette for 17 years now and it has honestly become something I love and am passionate about. The season is just starting up so I thought that this would be a good time to share a few photos from being back at the rink. I absolutely love the feeling of skating around the rink with a ring and being the only one out on the ice.   Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2016 Week 17: Off-Season

For this week I chose off-season as my photo challenge, because my ringette team had a pre-season skate and I had a couple August League games. I just wanted to show what my off-season looks like at times. I remember going to the Olympic Oval every summer to just keep skating all summer, but I haven't skated at the Oval for quite a long time now. This week my off-season consisted of two August League games and a skate at the Olympic Oval. Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2016 Week 14: Waterfalls

While going to the Columbia Ice Fields and the Glacier Sky walk there were quite a few waterfalls I encountered. Even though I couldn’t get closer to them because of being on the Sky Walk I wanted to share the waterfalls from above.

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Photo Challenge 2016 Week 12: Good Morning

For this weeks challenge I had trouble thinking of what I wanted to try. I didn't take too many pictures after being at the cottage, so I got the idea after realizing I still have to edit some photos from vacation I got a bit of an idea for a photo. This week I chose to show Good Morning, which to me when I have photos to edit is making a tea, editing photos on my laptop, checking social media on my iMac, and then choosing a TV show to watch while editing photos. Read more [...]

Weekly Photo Challenges

I have started a new project, which is weekly photo challenges. Some weeks I will do more than once challenge.

I plan on writing blog posts to go with each challenge explaining what I did, what I tried, and why I photographed what I did.

Be sure to follow me on social media for updates on what I’m trying and behind the scenes photos.