Another season around the corner

It’s almost time for another season to start. Everything is slowly starting up again and I’m very excited for the start of a new season. Since the last season ended what have you been doing throughout the off season? I’ve been playing in the August Ringette League and I really enjoy it for getting back into playing again. It’s eight games in August, so it’s the perfect way to get back into playing since it’s a fun thing to do and there’s no shot clocks to worry about. Also what are you looking forward to…

August League week one update

The first week of the August League is over and it was good. It felt really great to be back on the ice when I wasn’t skating really hard after not being on the ice since March. I’m on Team Red and this week we played Blue and White. The first night we all had trouble stabbing the ring, but it was much better in the second game. Next week we play Orange and Blue.

August Ringette League

Tonight the August Ringette League starts. The August League consists of eight games total played on Tuesdays and Thursdays- the last game is played on the last Wednesday of the month. There are four teams playing, so each team plays each other twice before the final week. I played in the August League last year and it was a really great way to get ready for the upcoming season. This year I’ve signed up for it again and I’m on team Green.