March photos of the month and photo challenges

I didn't take too many photos in March. Unfortunately I haven't taken many photos lately, but I'm going to start taking more photos and I'll be taking a lot more in a couple weeks once I'm done school for the year I'm sure. Photos of the month Photo Challenges Escape Every time I go to Banff I quite often find a new place that I like to escape to each trip following. This spot has become a quick favourite to escape to. It's Fenland Trail, which can be a bit tricky to get to if you don't Read more [...]

Extra photo challenges from the summer

While choosing different photo challenges every week throughout the summer I also ended up doing some photo challenges without realizing it or I did more than one challenge some weeks and only posted the one challenge. Landscape At the cottage I’m always taking landscape pictures because it’s so beautiful there and I only get there once a year maybe twice a year if I go there for Thanksgiving, which has only been once before and that was two years ago now. Happy place Aside Read more [...]

Photo Challenges Update

Now that the summer is over and I did some kind of photo challenge for 18 weeks I'm still going to be trying new things and challenging myself, but won't be doing a challenge every week. I've been thinking a lot about it and since I'm back in school I unfortunately won't have as much time for photography, so I decided that when I challenge myself or realize I've done a photo challenge I'll write a post to go along with what I've done. I love doing photo challenges because it has gotten me to Read more [...]

Weekly Photo Challenges

I have started a new project, which is weekly photo challenges. Some weeks I will do more than once challenge.

I plan on writing blog posts to go with each challenge explaining what I did, what I tried, and why I photographed what I did.

Be sure to follow me on social media for updates on what I’m trying and behind the scenes photos.