Happy New Year

How is it already time for the second half of the season to begin? Half a season gone means playoffs, provincial playdowns, and provincials are even closer. Esso Golden Ring and CORA Classic are right around the corner, which are two weekends full of amazing ringette. Games for coaching begin on January 6th while games for playing start on January 13th. I'm excited for games to begin again because games are one of my favourite parts of the season. I'm also very excited for more tournaments Read more [...]

Coaching and Playing Update

It’s about halfway through the first half of the season and it’s been flying by. For playing we’ve won one game so far and have had some pretty good games, but just can’t seem to break the other teams’ triangles or figure out the goalies’ weaknesses’. At some games we haven’t had a lot of skaters, so those games have been a little bit of a struggle. Typically, we’ll have a game once a week but sometimes have more than one game a week. When there’s been a game or two in a week Read more [...]

How August Ringette League 2017 went

Last night the August Ringette League ended. It was a really fun three weeks of games. When I got to the rink last night there was a total of 13 skaters for the two teams out there playing with no goalies, so they had to score on garbage cans - which is harder than you think. We ended up having nine skaters and a goalie for each team during my game, which I honestly can't remember the last time I've played a game with nine skaters. Part way through the second period we started laughing at just about Read more [...]

August Ringette League 2017

Tomorrow night the 2017 August Ringette League begins. This is the third year the National Ringette school is putting on the August League. There are four teams that put together the league. Games are Tuesday and Thursday nights at Mount Pleasant arena. The first game of the night is at 7:15p.m. with the second game following at 8:45p.m. The August League is for U19 and Open ringette players. I'm excited to be back at the rinks because it means the actual season is closer to starting. It's Read more [...]

Ring Around the Clock for Meghan

Ring Around the Clock is a 24 hour ringette game being held to raise money for the scholarship in memory of Meghan Bomford. The game is being held at the Don Hartman NE Sportsplex. It started at 12:45p.m. today Saturday, July. 8, 2017 and goes until 12:45p.m. tomorrow Sunday, July. 9, 2017. Throughout the 24 hours of ringette there's going to be entertainment, food, prizes, and music. There's some live entertainment on Saturday. Also there's a silent auction going on with many kinds of items - Read more [...]

Using and old ringette stick to display your medals

  If you’ve collected many ringette medals since you started playing here’s a neat way to display them. First you need to figure out which ringette stick you want to use to display all of your medals. A good stick to choose is your first one because that way it can show your full ringette story from the beginning. Next gather up all your medals and put them in the order you would like to display them in. Once you have an order you like choose how you could like to hang your ringette Read more [...]

Another season has come to an end

Well another ringette season has come to an end. It was a season full of a lot of ice times for myself. Between the start of September and the end of November I was at the rink/ on the ice with the team I had coached 40 times. As for playing we were two games away from playing in Provincials. It was an amazing season and I can't wait to have games again next season. We just had our wind up party the other night and it was really great to see most of the team again. For some people like myself Read more [...]

2017 Canadian Ringette Championships

Today the 2017 Canadian Ringette Championships started in Leduc, Alta. Games go all week and the finals are on Saturday starting at 9a.m. It’s going to some of the best ringette to watch throughout the week, so if you’re in the Leduc area go and check out a game or two and if you aren’t watch some games online. Schedules and scores can be found here.  Games are also being livestreamed and can be found here. For now I'll be watching games online and checking scores throughout the day Read more [...]

Playoff Update

Tonight we have another game. We won our first two games in overtime and now we have to win tonight to continue playing. The first team we played was Ruckus and it was a very close game. The score in the end was 3-2. I wasn't at this game, but I've been told it was a very very close game and that we played really well. For the second game we played Defiance. It was a tough game to get through. At the end of the second period it was 5-5. Luckily we scored within 30 seconds of overtime. If we Read more [...]

Playoff time again

Last night my team had our first playoff game- I wasn't able to make it to the game, but we won the game. With playoffs starting again there's going to be a lot more ringette in short periods of time. Some levels have already started and finished their playoffs while others like Open B have only just started. The format for playoffs here is a double knock out, which means if you lose two games you're out of playoffs. It can be lucky and unlucky for teams. You could lose your first game and Read more [...]