Photo Challenge 2017 Week 9: Landscape – Cityscape

For this weeks photo challenge I chose the challenge after taking some photos. On Saturday I went out to the Canada Day fireworks and while I was waiting for the show to start I was taking photos throughout the wait and I really liked this one showing the cityscape with the sunset. The sunset was amazing to photograph because of the thunderstorm we had earlier in the day. Read more […]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 7: Bokeh

For this weeks challenge I chose Bokeh as the challenge. I’ve been seen different pictures online that gave me this inspiration for this challenge. For the picture with the hearts behind the mug I would do a few things differently next time. I would make the piece of paper in front of the lens bigger and would cut out a bigger heart, so there won’t be a shadow cast over the majority of the picture. I would also have even lighting on both sides to try and avoid the shadow cause by the mug. Read more […]

Johnston Canyon

Before last week I hadn’t been to Johnston Canyon since April 2012. After hiking for a bit I realized I like it better in the summer when there isn’t any snow or ice on the paths. The different views are one of my favourite parts of the trails, because there’s always something to look at. Also the breeze and the spray from the waterfalls are perfect for a summer day. Once getting to the Upper Falls I didn’t end up going too much further up the trail, but I will one on of my next trips Read more […]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 2: Reflecting

For this past week the photo challenge was Reflecting and while I was taking photos for another blog post I noticed the reflection from one of my medals no matter how I moved my light source, which gave me the idea to show the light reflecting off a medal. The particular medal that the light is reflecting on is a medal that was won after a pretty tough weekend. We were out in Kelowna for the Sweetheart tournament and I remember getting taken out during just about every game we had- mostly my ribs Read more […]