Heart Creek Trail

To get back into sharing my photos I thought I would start off with some pictures from my most recent hike. I honestly haven’t had as much time for photography as I would like and most of my recent photos have been from going on hikes and it will probably continue to be like that for a while. So, I figured why not share photos from my hikes to also be able to share some of my favourite hikes that I go on this summer. I’ve gone on a couple other hikes before this one, but honestly, I didn’t Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 16: Landscape – Nighttime

For this weeks challenge I chose a photo from vacation when I set my camera up to take a 30 second exposure photo. Originally I was out taking photos to capture a star trail, but it didn't end up working because the clouds I couldn't see when I set up my camera. Even though the star trail didn't work out I still got some amazing photos. Read more [...]

Photo Challenge 2017 Week 14: Fun

For this weeks photo challenge I chose Fun. My cousin and I have gone out and taken some photos on a couple of different nights here with glow sticks and sparklers, which have been a lot of fun. We’ve been trying different things that I’ve wanted to try and then we’ve come up with ideas on the spot. We’re still going to go out and try different things before we both leave the cottage.

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