Esso Golden Ring time again

In just two days the Esso Golden Ring tournament will take over the majority of arenas all over Calgary. This year 25 different arenas are being used for the tournament. With 190 teams participating 365 games are being played in the three days of the tournament. Three of the 365 games are National Ringette League games; two are being played on Saturday and one on Sunday with all games being Calgary Rath against Ottawa Ice. On Saturday the first game is at noon at East Twin Red, the second game Read more [...]

Basic Rules

Ringette has some of the same rules as hockey, though there are some big differences between the two sports. All the rules that I will be talking about can be found in the Ringette Canada rule and case book on the RIngette Canada website under Officials ( Here is the link to where I talked about How the Game is Played: In ringette you have to pass the ring across each blue line, you can’t Read more [...]

Half a season already come and gone

I think the first half of the season has gone pretty good.  There have been some amazing games to watch.  Right from the first practice I coached you can see who has improved already just from having games and practices. With having the first tournament right near the beginning of the season it was a great chance to see how the girls skills were and what should be worked on right away.  The girls kept trying their hardest during their games through the beginning of the season. The games Read more [...]

Tournament time again

It's time for tournaments again.  They happen all through out the season, but right now it's time for two particular tournaments.  This weekend there is the Ed Horvath tournament in Medicine Hat.  I'm beyond excited for it right now I have always wanted to go to this tournament and now I'm going with the team I coach.  I'm expecting it to be an amazing weekend already.  It will be great to go and watch some higher level games for the team I coach to pick up on some new skills or plays. With Read more [...]

Why I Coach

After playing for 11 years and reffing for three years at the time I wanted to become involved in a different aspect of the game. When I was playing I had some really amazing coaches and felt like what they had taught me had to be shared with younger ringette players. For the first year I just junior coached to see if I liked it or not, and also because I was still in high school. The year of junior coaching the team came in second in cities and if there had been a wild card spot they would’ve Read more [...]

Why it’s not an Olympic sport…yet

A lot of people have said ringette isn’t a real sport simply because it’s not in the Olympics. Ringette may not be in the Olympics at the moment, but my aunt who was the president of the International Ringette Federation (IRF) has been trying to get the sport into the Olympics. The main reason why the sport isn’t is because there isn’t enough competition between countries. Currently the finals of International games are Canada vs. Finland, and in order for the sport to be in the Olympics Read more [...]

What I think is a great article on Ringette

Last night I was just going through Facebook, and I saw something that my mom had shared from one of her friends.  It was an article about ringette, and I have just read it this morning and think that it is worth sharing. Here is the link for the article: Read more [...]

Why I’m still involved

I'm still involved because everytime I go and say that I'm not going to have anything to do with the sport I find myself back at the rinks every September. I have developed a passion for the sport over the years and it has become something I can't seem to go without. Every season once it has ended I find myself wishing it was longer At the beginning I absolutely hated the sport and wanted to quit halfway through the season, but as I got older I started looking forwarded to the beginning of every Read more [...]

How to deal with injuries

The most important thing to do when you get injured is to not sit on the bench and let yourself get cold, because your injury will get stiff and that is the worst thing to let happen to an injury. I was one of the kids, who would do nothing when I was injured, which led to worse injuries that took longer to heal. Make sure you figure out if you should use ice or heat as soon as you can and use it often. If you get injured during a game or practice don’t let yourself get too cold, because if you Read more [...]

How it’s more of a team sport

I believe that ringette is more of a team sport because of having to pass the ring across the blue line. In ringette no one can pull a Bobby Orr with going from one end to the other. It is also a team sport because of how many players are allowed in each zone. In the two youngest levels players are only allowed to score three goals per game, which helps make it truly a team sport because they have to help their teammates score goals. When starting out with only being able to score three goals they Read more [...]