My first time around ringette

I actually saw ringette being played at least a year before I was signed up to play. I was living in Winnipeg at the time and they were choosing Team Canada for the 2000 World Ringette Championship, so my aunt decided to take me to the rink to see ringette- I think I ended up there for about six hours.

In between the evaluation games for Team Canada they had bunnies playing, which were kids my age at the time. My aunt had taken me to the rink on purpose to introduce me to the game of ringette.

I also got left in the referee room, and I apparently thought it was great at the time. I’ve been told that they weren’t too sure who was more scared while I was left in the room with them. I was four at the time that this happened, so I don’t remember everything that happened anymore, but going to the rink when Team Canada  for the 2000 World Ringette Championship was being chosen was the first time I was ever around ringette, and now I can’t get away from the game.

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