Why I’m still involved

I’m still involved because everytime I go and say that I’m not going to have anything to do with the sport I find myself back at the rinks every September. I have developed a passion for the sport over the years and it has become something I can’t seem to go without. Every season once it has ended I find myself wishing it was longer

At the beginning I absolutely hated the sport and wanted to quit halfway through the season, but as I got older I started looking forwarded to the beginning of every season. I wanted to see my friends I made through the sport after a few years of meeting a lot of awesome people.

Even though I’m not playing anymore I still want to be involved because it is something fun for me to do outside of school. As well with coaching and reffing I get to give back to the sport that I got a lot out of. I have had some amazing coaches over the years and I want to teach what they taught me to the younger players.

Reffing has its ups and downs every season. In the past few years I have had a tough decision about whether I want to ref or not. Mostly I have this decision based on how many times coaches yelled at me during the season for ‘missing’ calls or ‘being unfair’ and I know for a fact that coaches are told that the number one reason every association looses refs is because of coaches yelling at them every year. Some coaches get mad at us for calling almost all the penalties on their team, but they don’t realize that when they get frustrated on the bench at the players the players tend to get frustrated and get penalties. As well when I’ve been told I missed a call it is usually when the play is for one closer to my partner so I can’t make the call or two when I’m turning around from going forwards to backwards or the other way around I can’t call something based on not seeing the whole play.

I have decided to ref again this year because I have had some really good games where I’ve had coaches and players tell me how well the game was reffed. Some coaches even ask us what the team can do to avoid penalties. So I mostly go back and ref in hopes of having a good season and if I have too many bad experiences with coaches or teams I try to not have to ref them as much during the season. I always talk to other refs to see what they would’ve done is certain situations, which helps me know what to do the next time something similar happens. As well I watch what other refs do during games to pick up on their technique or what they do in certain situations.

Reffing is another way to give back to the sport because of how much effort is put into actually being a referee.

Pretty much ringette has become something that I cannot go without. My aunt signed me up in 2001 and I am now glad that she has because I have had some really amazing times since then.

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