Why I Coach

After playing for 11 years and reffing for three years at the time I wanted to become involved in a different aspect of the game. When I was playing I had some really amazing coaches and felt like what they had taught me had to be shared with younger ringette players. For the first year I just junior coached to see if I liked it or not, and also because I was still in high school.

The year of junior coaching the team came in second in cities and if there had been a wild card spot they would’ve gone to provincials that year. From not winning many games in the regular season they just proved that if you put in the hard work and are determined you can do amazing in games.

My second year coaching had an amazing start. The team got the silver medal in the Airdrie Ring of Fire tournament in November. I can remember it being an amazing weekend to watch games. Except I will never understand the reason some of the girls on the team were crying after the final game of the tournament because they didn’t get the gold medal. They still played amazing all weekend and I kept telling them that playing on the Sunday of a tournament is an amazing thing because not everyone gets that opportunity.

This season has been another amazing season already. This year’s team won the gold medal in the Lonnie Krahn Classic tournament. They have had some amazing games already. And now they are in the Ed Horvath Medicine Hat tournament at the beginning of December. I’m excited to go with them because of how much I have always wanted to go to this tournament. It should be an amazing weekend to watch games and pick up on some new plays for the team.

U12C NW Fireballs (black jerseys)  vs. BV Ice Dragons (white jerseys)
U12C NW Fireballs (black jerseys) vs. BV Ice Dragons (white jerseys)

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