What I’m doing to get ready for the upcoming season

With the season coming up in just a matter of weeks I’m already starting to get ready for it especially since I haven’t played in three years.

I’m doing the August Ringette League put on by the National Ringette School and have played three of the eight games so far. I’ve also done a couple 3on3 nights because they needed some extra skaters.

Also I’ve booked some extra ice at a rink near my house to get some extra practice in and to invite friends out to.

Having the games to play is one of the best ways to get ready for the season because of being able to be in game mode. Even with only having a few games so far I’m already feeling a bit better for the upcoming season, and these games have been more of fun and non-serious games.

I personally cannot wait for the season to start back up, because I’m excited to be playing again, I’ll have even more to blog about, and I really have loved coached for the past three years and I plan on continuing to coach.

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