What I’m doing at the rink to get ready for the season

Since I have extra ice time booked for this month to practice and get ready for this season. I’ve had one extra ice time right now and while I was at the rink I worked on passing, skating, and shooting.

I skated around the rink bouncing the ring off the boards and skating into the pass. I used both a regular ring and a mini orange ring. As much as I hate using the mini orange rings they help with stabbing the ring because if you can stab the mini rings you can stab a regular ring.

For skating I just skated around the rink and skated from one end to the rink with the end and shooting a ring when I got to the end of the rink with the ring. I would also skate a couple laps around the rink after shooting the ring a lot jus to keep myself moving around a lot.

With shooting the ring I worked on my wrist shot mostly, and would try and get the ring in one of the top corners, which didn’t always work. My aim was a bit off or I wasn’t able to lift the ring very well. I would skate around the net and to the top of the free pass circle and would cut in to go towards the net and then shoot the ring on either my forehand or backhand.

Ideally this would go better if I wasn’t out on the alone and had at least another person with me, but it worked while I was out there, and I feel like I did get quite a bit of practice in while I was at the rink.  Next time I’m at the rink practicing I’ll most likely do something similar, but will try and do something a bit different.

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