U14B Renegades quick update

So the U14B NW Renegades I coach have had a few games lately and some practices.

They had a game against one of the other NW teams and it was such a close game and was so tense to watch near the end of the game. It was literally such a close game and we pulled our goalie near the end to try and tie the game and they tied the game.

Another game lately was a pretty tough game for them. Trying to get past the other teams defence was pretty hard, and I literally couldn’t figure out how to score a goal on the goalie. They had a lot of really good chances, but the goalie covered basically the whole net so it was tough to get past the goalie.

They have another game later this week, a practice on Sunday, and they’re going to one of the Calgary Rath games this weekend- while I think I might be going to all of them.

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