Tournament time again

It’s time for tournaments again.  They happen all through out the season, but right now it’s time for two particular tournaments.  This weekend there is the Ed Horvath tournament in Medicine Hat.  I’m beyond excited for it right now I have always wanted to go to this tournament and now I’m going with the team I coach.  I’m expecting it to be an amazing weekend already.  It will be great to go and watch some higher level games for the team I coach to pick up on some new skills or plays.

With having a minimum of four games in three days and a possible fifth game is going to make the games even more exciting yet frustrating to watch.  I find tournament games really good to fix mistakes made in games right away.  With having games so close to each other you’re able to fix mistakes right away in the next game.

Next weekend is the Cochrane tournament that I will be reffing in.  It is one of my favourite tournaments to ref in because the games I have reffed in past tournaments  have been some amazing games.  Every year since I first reffed in this tournament they have emailed me at the beginning of the season asking if I would be reffing in their tournament.  Now Cochrane has me as one of their back up refs with not having enough refs for their games.

I love spending time at the rinks during tournaments just to watch games because these games are playing with so much more intensity and determination than regular season games.  This weekend I know that I will be spending extra time at whichever rink I end up at watching different games.

I can’t wait to see what these next two weekends bring for ringette.

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