This years Esso Golden Ring is the 30th Anniversary of the tournament.

There are 195 teams taking part in 368 games over the three days of the tournament. One hundred and two teams are from Calgary, 77 teams from around Alberta, 10 from British Columbia, 2 from Manitoba, and 4 from Saskatchewan.

The 368 games come to a total of 490.25 hours of ice at 26 different arenas around Calgary. There are 104 referee’s officiating in the tournament, and some referees are coming from New Brunswick again.

Twenty eight of the games are quarter finals, 22 are semi finals, 12 are finals, and3 are NRL games.

With the 195 teams there are approximately 780 coaches, managers, and trainers

There are 1,188 arena and minior official volunteers to help with this tournament.

Participating teams

Active Start

Calgary BV Bumblebees

Calgary NW Heartbreakers

S Calgary Rainbow Rings

Cochrane Rockies

Calgary BV Jaguars

Calgary NW Orange Crush

S Calgary Sharks

Calgary E Sharks

Calgary NW Silver Dolphins

S Calgary The Wolves


Calgary BV Devils

Calgary BV Snow Leopards

Calgary NW Ice Crystals

S Calgary Hawks

Calgary BV Ice Lions

Calgary NW Diving Dolphins

S Calgary Blue Thunder

Spruce Grove Green Lightning

Calgary BV The Tigers

Calgary NW Frozen Rings

S Calgary Dyn-O-Mites

Medicine Hat Goblins


Calgary BV Ice Wolves

Calgary E Mini Mighty Ducks

S Calgary Artic Foxes

St. Albert Phantoms

Calgary BV Shooting Stars

Calgary NW Lightning Bolts

S Calgary Space Unicorns

Spruce Grove IceBreakers

Calgary BV Mighty ROAR

Calgary NW Ring Devils

S Calgary The Ring Robbers

St. Albert Legends

Calgary BV Snipers

Calgary NW Rockstars

S Calgary Snow Leopards

Red Deer Hurricanes

Calgary E Mighty Ducks

Calgary NW Zipping Zebras

Cochrane Ring Monsters

Sherwood Park Cheery Bombs


Calgary BV Bad News Bears

Calgary NW Blackout

Cochrane Chaos

St. Albert Snipers

Calgary BV Fever

Calgary NW Nightmares

S Calgary Heat

Sherwood Park Steelers

Calgary BV Flash

S Calgary Frostbite

Airdrie Sting

Spruce Grove Rush


Calgary BV Fusion

Calgary BV Nemesis

Calgary BV Velocity

Strathmore Burning Ice

Sherwood Park Shock

Spruce Grove XLR8

Medicine Hat Toxic

Calgary BV Eclipse

Calgary NW Eclipse

S Calgary Ambush

Airdrie Sting

Cochrane Rockies

St. Albert Power

Vancouver Reign


Calgary E Nitemare

Calgary NW XLR8

St. Albert Illusion

Indus Lightning

Calgary BV Ice Devilz

S Calgary Whiplash

TORL Fusion

Sherwood Park Shock

Calgary BV Boom

Airdrie Sting

TORL All Stars

Lethbridge Lunachix

Calgary NW Icebreakers

Cochrane Rockies Chaos

Sherwood Park Spark

Lacombe CHS Edge


Calgary BN Destructive Divas

Calgary NW Panda Warriors

S Calgary Rings of Fire

St. Alberta Xtreme

Calgary BV Ice Fury

Calgary NW Super Tsunamis

S Calgary Lords of the Rings

Red Deer Elite
Calgary BV Rush

Calgary NW Ice Dragons

Indus Lightning

Sherwood Park Nightmare


Calgary Red

Calgary White

Central Alberta Sting

Manitoba Magic

Sherwood Park Surge

St. Albert Mission

Calgary Blue

Edmonton Elite

LMRL Thinder

Saskatoon Saints

Zone 2 Big Country BLAZE

Zone 5 EDGE


Calgary BV BURN

Calgary NW Virta

Sherwood Park Edge

Winnipeg Macdonald Wildfire

Calgary BV Strive

S Calgary Crossfire

Medicine Hat Machine

Lacombe Edge

Calgary BV Velox

Cochrane Rockies

Spruce Grove Renegades

Vernon Ignite

Calgary NW Atomic

Strathmore Ice

St. Albert Edge

Kelowna Rage


Calgary BV Heat

Cochrane Rockies

Leduc Jaguars

Lethbridge Rattlers

Calgary BV RAGE

Calgary NW RAGE

Airdrie Sting

St. Albert Sabotage

Calgary BV Warriors

Calgary NW RUSH

S Calgary Voltage

Sherwood Park Force

Calgary E Chix with Stix

Calgary NW Renegades

S Calgary Renegades

Indus Lightning


Calgary Apex

St. Albert Mission

Zone 4 Sting

TORL Force

Calgary Blue

Edmonton Elite

Zone 5 Pack

Zone 2 Inception


Calgary BV Blitz

Calgary NW Impulse

Leduc Jaguars

St. Albert Royals

Saskatoon U16A Blaze

Calgary NW Kulta

S Calgary Elite

Red Deer Rysk

Spruce Grove Impact

Kelowna KRA


Calgary BV Riptide

S Calgary Velocity

Indus Lightning

St. Albert Blackout

Calgary BV Royals

Calgary NW Raze

Airdrie AC Rockies

Regina Extreme

Calgary NW Kaizen

Strathmore Ice

Medicine Hat VIBE

St. Albert Smash


Calgary Blue

Calgary Red

Central AB Sting

Edmonton Elite

LMRL Thunder

St. Albert Mission

Zone 5 GRIT


Calgary BV Bruins

Calgary NW Kova

Red Deer Rampage

Calgary 18+ B Blaze

Calgary NW Crew

S Calgary Mavericks

Kelowna U19A

Saskatoon Ice


Calgary NW Jets

S Calgary Pythons

AC Thunder Zone 2

Lacombe Edge

Calgary BV Elite

Calgary NW Prime

Rockyford Ringers

Spruce Grove Hells Belles

Open AA

Calgary Rath

Edmonton WAM


The NRL has three games going on during the tournament.  At two of the games Ringette Canada reps will be at the games where they will have giveaways, and a raffle.

NRL games

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016- 12p.m. Flames Community Arenas Gold

Saturday, Jan. 16, 2016- 6:15p.m. Flames Community Arenas Gold (Showcase game)

Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016- 11a.m. Henry Viney (Showcase game)

It’s going to be an amazing weekend full of ringette games all over Calgary. The schedule can be found here and it will be updated throughout the tournament.

I will be blogging while at the tournament and updating my social media quite often, so be sure to check them throughout the weekend.

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