Team Rules

In order for a game to be played there are certain rules that need to be followed.

  • A team must have at least seven players and no more than eighteen players
  • Once the game starts a team must be able to ice at minimum four players- if not it will result in forfeiture of the game
  • Before the game the teams must record on the game sheet the names and numbers of all eligible players, indicate whoa re the goalkeepers, alternate goalkeepers, captains, alternate goalkeepers. The team staff names must also be recorded and only those on the game sheet are permitted on the bench
    • If players are late and their names were recorded on the game sheet prior to the game they are able to participate
  • If players were inadvertently omitted from the team list their names and numbers may be added provided they were on the ice or in the players bench in uniform at the start of the game
  • A goalkeeper who has been replaced on the ice or a player designated as an alternate goalkeeper may play as a skater provided they wear the required protective equipment
  • Team Captains
    • A team can appoint a maximum of three skaters as captains or alternate captains- a goalie/alternate goalie may not be designated as a captain or alternate captain
    • They shall wear the letter ‘C’ or ‘A’ on the upper front left of their sweater
    • They must be designated on both the game report and their sweater prior to the game
    • Only captains and alternate captains may question an on-ice official regarding non-judgement rule clarifications and only during a stoppage in play
  • Refusal to Start Play- If a team withdraws from the ice or refuses to start play and:
    • If that team starts play within one minute of being advided to do so by an on-ice official that team will be assessed a Delay of Game penalty and the game continues
    • If that team fails to start play within one minute the game is forfeited by that team
    • If that team withdraws from the ice or refuses to start play for the second time in the same game the game is immediately forfeited
  • Spectators are the responsibility of the home team

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