Team Canada Drill

Team Canada Drill

All you need for this drill s full ice, your team (you can do this with the team you’re practicing with too if you don’t have full ice), and rings.  Split everyone into corners diagonally from each other.

Three players from one end of the ice start the drill.  The first player in the line skates around the face off dot in the circle with a ring and takes a shot on net, the second person skates around the top of the circle and takes a shot on net, and the third skates just below the blue line and takes a shot on net.

After the first person takes a shot on net the skate to the pile of rings on the opposite boards they started on and goes to take a shot on net.  The second person goes and gets a ring from the same pile and skates around the circle and passes the ring to the third person who times skating into the zone.  The first person can play defence while the other two want to get a shot on net.

Alternate people going from each corner for as long as you want to run the drill for.
Here is the drill diagram as a pdf.

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