Start of a new season


It’s time for another season to begin. Tonight my team has our first game of the season and I’m pretty excited for it.

I’m still playing with Open B Assault and this year I’m coaching a U16B team. Since the beginning of September I’ve had a lot of ringette going on. I’ve been helping with running practices for the start of the season, gone to power skating with the association I’m coaching with, and have also helped with the start of the season assessments.

Now that teams are almost formed its almost time for a regular schedule to come out, so I won’t be at the rink as much as I have been once that schedule is out.

If you’re looking for where to find game/ team schedules check here under the schedules tab. The schedule might not be finalized yet for every level so keep checking back if you’re looking for a particular levels schedule.

Also check out the Calgary Rath schedule here for when they have home games.

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