Season back in full swing

Being back on the ice is an amazing feeling. The sound of the ice crunching under my skates is a sound that I have missed since the season ended last March. Being back at the rinks every week is something I look forward to every time I leave the rink, just wanting to be on the ice as much as possible.

Going to the rink every weekend is one of my favourite ways to spend my weekend. Being able to shoot the ring again is an amazing feeling and one of the things I miss the most about playing.

Helping with the team I coach is so much more rewarding that I thought it would ever be, watching them develop over the season or even just a few practices is great and it shows that they actually listen to the advice I give them.

Some days I wish I could just go back and play again, but then I start thinking about the last season that I played when I didn’t have the best year.

It’s almost time for games to start, which means it’s almost time to referee again. Tonight games start for just about every age group of ringette. As well tonight I will be reffing my first game of the season.

With everything for the season just starting back up again I can already tell that it will be a good season.

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