Rules to know for the beginning of the season

With the start of the season I thought I would talk about some of the rules that everyone needs to know.

  • Each team is allowed five skaters plus the goalie on the ice throughout the game
  • Only the goalie is allowed in the crease
  • You can only have three players in the zone past the ringette line at the top of the face off circles
  • You have to pass the ring over each blue line
  • You can’t pass the ring over both blue lines because the ring will just go back to the other team
  • If your team has two penalties at any point during a game you can only have two players in your defending zone

These are just some of the basic rules, and I will explain more throughout the season. If there is a specific rule you would like to know more about just let me know and I will try my best to explain it as well as I can.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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