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The rule book has some definitions in the beginning, so I thought I would explain some of them with the season getting ready to start back up.

Acting Goalkeeper (AGK): the AGK is a skater who is acting in the position of the goalkeeper during goalkeeper substation.

  • The AGK is the only player permitted in the goal crease in their team’s defending zone, and no other player may contact or control the ring unless it’s entirely outside the goal crease
  • The AGK doesn’t have to be a designated player- it can be the first defending team’s player to enter the goal crease
  • The AGK can be different players but the first AGK must be fully out of the crease before a new one enters
  • The ring may not be moved into the goal crease or onto the goal crease line by the AGK or by a player outside the goal crease who immediately becomes the AGK
  • The AGK MUST follow all the rules that goalies mist follow
  • The AGK can put the ring into player in the defending zone- no matter what method is used to move the ring- and after putting the ring into play that player may not contact or control the ring before it is contacted by another player


  • Deflection by a player occurs when any part of the body or equipment is intentionally placed in a stationary position to redirect the ring
  • Deflection off a player occurs when the ring is unintentionally redirected by any part of the body or equipment, whether the player is in motion or not

Kicking the ring: the ring is kicked when a player intentionally moves the foot or leg to make contact with the ring, and makes contact while the foot or leg is in motion.

Playing end of the stick: the playing end of the stick is the lower one third of the total length of the Ringette stick, measured from the tip upwards toward the butt end.

Prohibited area: the portion of the rink in which a player must not legally participate in play.

  • These areas include:
    • The restricted area, for those skaters in excess of the maximum number permitted inside
    • The attacking zone, for goalkeepers
    • The goal crease, for skaters
    • The free pass circle, during a free pass, for all players except the player taking the free pass until the ring is entirely outside the free pass circle

Restricted area: the portion of the rink in each end zone extending form the end boards to, but not including, the free play line. Only a limited number of skaters are permitted to participate in this area.

  • The restricted area does not include the free play line. A ring in contact with the free play line is considered to be outside the restricted area, since it is playable by all skaters.

All of this information can be found in the Ringette Canada Rule book, which can be found here This year is a rule change year, so a new copy of the rule book will be put up once the season begins.

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