Ring Around the Clock for Meghan

Ring Around the Clock is a 24 hour ringette game being held to raise money for the scholarship in memory of Meghan Bomford. The game is being held at the Don Hartman NE Sportsplex. It started at 12:45p.m. today Saturday, July. 8, 2017 and goes until 12:45p.m. tomorrow Sunday, July. 9, 2017.

Throughout the 24 hours of ringette there’s going to be entertainment, food, prizes, and music. There’s some live entertainment on Saturday. Also there’s a silent auction going on with many kinds of items – it closes at 9:30p.m. so if you want to check out what’s there head to the rink anytime in the afternoon to see what’s there.

Some of Calgary Rath will be there at 11:30a.m. on Sunday, July. 9, 2017 to help close out the 24 hours of ringette.

To donate and see the schedule you can head to the Western Ringette website here.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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