Provincial playdowns in Standard, Alta

Having to go to Standard, Atla. for provincial playdowns in January 2011 is something that I won’t forget for a long time. It was the season I had been out injured with a fractured rib and then a shoulder injury that happened during my first game back before Christmas.

I was good to play in provincial playdowns that had to be played to determine who went to provincials that year. Our city finals weren’t going to finish early enough before provincials, so they held provincial playdowns to determine who got to go to provincials.

That year I remember that we hadn’t won very many games, but at the end of provincial playdowns we were in second place to go to provincials. If the first place team declined to go or there was a wild card spot we would’ve gone to provincials.

Placing second to go to provincials wasn’t what made playdowns memorable for me it was spending time with my team between our games. The rink in Standard had a curling rink attached, so they opened it up for us to use between games.

It was a snow storm that weekend as well, so even though we weren’t that far from Strathmore we all stayed at the rink in Standard or close by. Games and practices were being cancelled in Calgary while we had to go to Standard for a chance at going to provincials.

Even though playdowns took place closer to the end of the season those of us who stayed at the rink got the chance to bond even more.

Curling between our games was truly the highlight of being out in Standard because we laughed so much and had a great time spending time together as a team.

Thinking back on that season curling at playdowns was probably my favourite part of the season.

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