Playoff Update

Tonight we have another game. We won our first two games in overtime and now we have to win tonight to continue playing.

The first team we played was Ruckus and it was a very close game. The score in the end was 3-2. I wasn’t at this game, but I’ve been told it was a very very close game and that we played really well.

For the second game we played Defiance. It was a tough game to get through. At the end of the second period it was 5-5. Luckily we scored within 30 seconds of overtime. If we hand’t of scored in overtime Defiance would’ve won the game since they placed higher than us in the standings.

Last night we played Edge and we lost 7-3. We started out pretty decent, but we just couldn’t get enough good shots off.

Tonight we play Ruckus again and it’s a must win if we want to keep our season going. We’re going to have to fight back hard to make it to the finals. It’s not going to be an easy game since Ruckus won’t want to lose just like we won’t want to lose.

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