For this weeks photo challenge I had quite a few ideas I wanted to try, but they didn’t really work our our to the water. It ended up snowing and raining on the Friday when I was at the places I had ideas in mind for. Yes it was snowing at the end of May.

Yesterday I ended up going up the Sky Tram in Jasper and walking around the top of the mountain I got the idea to capture beneath my feet. There were some rocks you could walk on, which I of course did to get better pictures to show hoe high up I was. I sat down on one of the rocks and had some ground getting the pictures that I wanted with my feet still in the photo, so I leaned back on the rock. I got a picture I was happy with by doing that, but would’ve preferred a bit of a wider shot- I didn’t have my 26-35mm lens with me at the time.

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