Out of town Tournaments

Some people love them and some people hate them.  I love out of town tournaments even it they are only 20 minutes from where I live.  I just love tournaments and wish that I had gotten to more while I played.

The biggest challenge to out of town tournaments I find is not getting enough rest throughout the weekend and not eating as healthy as you should.  Also with staying at a hotel with a pool just about all the girls on the younger teams want to go into the pool between games, which personally I believe and some of the coaches I have had is a bad thing between games.  At the end of the day after games it is perfectly fine to go to the pool but not between games when you have a chance at playing in the final of the tournament.

Some tips to survive out of town tournaments:

-Get lots of sleep the night before you leave

-Bring some healthy snacks, food, and drinks so you aren’t spending a lot of money on food and drinks over the weekend

-Make sure to stretch properly

-Get as much rest as possible

-Drink lots of water

-Eat after games

-Get pumped up for games- it’s not everyday that you’re playing in an out of town tournament

-Laugh and have fun- tournaments are all about having fun so make the most of these weekends.  As well tournaments are all about team bonding so make sure to spend time with your team

And the most important thing

-Sleep as much as you can whenever you get the chance

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