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20160801blog posts00006-EMHalf circle shooting

Everyone makes a half circle around the goal crease with enough space between each player and all have rings. Start at one side and everyone shoots a ring until everyone has gone. You can also alternate which side shoots, so someone on the left side shoots and then someone on the right side shoots.

20160801blog posts00009-EMHorseshoe

Half the team lines up in one corner with the other half in the other corner. One person starts without the ring and skates up past the top of the circle and skates back in to receive a pass from the first person in the other line. The person passing passes the ring parallel to the ringette line to the person skating in for the pass. Passing parallel makes it easier to stab the ring.

20160801blog posts00011-EMRapid fire

Everyone lines up in one corner with a ring and as soon as the person in front of them gets to the top of the circle they go and take a shot.

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