I’ve been trying some night photography lately since I’ve been wanting to try it for a bit now. Before trying any of the night photography I did some research about how it’s done and different settings to use.


The first night I wanted to give up because I wasn’t getting the results I was wanting, but I changed the angle my camera was on and it gave me a bit of what I was looking for. I then changed the length of how long the shutter was open and I got more of what I was looking for.


I went back out again to try it and got what I was looking for. And then while I was laying beside my camera looking up at the sky I realized I didn’t have my camera positioned in the right way, so I titled my camera up so it was looking up at the sky after the picture that was being taken. The last picture I took has to be a favourite of mine just because it’s showing all the stars in the photo.


I know now for the next time to do this I need to have bug spray with me, so I don’t get eaten by mosquitoes and that I just need to be more patient and try different angles with my camera.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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