My thoughts on the Ringette Alberta Challenge

First of all I want to thank Ringette Alberta for hosting an amazing weekend! It was one of the best ways to end an amazing season.  I know that this weekend is something that I won’t forget.

It was so great to see the teams come together through team building and seeing what they came up with to get spirit points.  Some of the outfits people were wearing showed some true team spirit.

Bringing back some of the cheers from the younger days of ringette was pretty awesome to see after not seeing the cheers happen during half time as you get into the older levels.

I really enjoyed the weekend and I’m sure that I will sign up for the Ringette Alberta Challenge again in future years because it was such an amazing experience.

Now to enjoy some warmth away from the rinks for a bit before spending more time at the rink.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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