My first ringette camp

I still remember my very first ringette camp.  I had just moved to Calgary from Winnipeg and my aunt had signed me up for the NW Calgary ringette camp, and had gotten some equipment for me along with telling my mom where to get the rest.  I knew absolutely no one going to the NW ringette camp.

I was the slowest skater there and I think one of the smallest.  I could barely skate, so some of the instructors would skate with me so I wasn’t all alone behind everyone else.  I hated ringette back then, and didn’t want to be at the camp- part of that had to do with not knowing anyone and having just moved to a new place.

There was a couple nights my dad had taken me, and before those nights my mom had to tell the instructors for the camp to not let my dad let me off the ice.  If she hadn’t of told them that my dad would’ve let me off the ice if I had asked him.

Looking back at this I kind of laugh because I went from hating the sport to absolutely loving it and not being able to be away from the sport.

What’s one of your first memories from ringette?

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