My favourite ringette stick

Since starting ringette I’ve had quite a few different kinds of ringette sticks I have a favourite now. When I started I had a yellow Stinger 7000 junior, which it lasted me quite a few years since I didn’t grow very much.

I know that I had a couple more sinter sticks, but then I got my first RingJet and I used it until I absolutely needed a new stick because of how much I loved it.

Since I got my first RingJet I had two more after that, but then I got a Powertek during the Esso Golden Ring the last season I played. I used that stick for the rest of the season, but half way through this past season I switched back to using a RingJet.

The RingJet sticks truly are my favourite ringette sticks to use. I just bought a brand new RingJet Adrenaline stick and so far I love using it, and I’ve used it six times so far. I find that I can get a better shot off with it because it doesn’t have a rounded tip like the Powertek does.

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