Mid first half of the season update

Quite a lot has happened since the beginning of the season.  I’ve played quite a few games with Open B Assault and I’m loving being on a team again.  I’m also coaching, which is something that I love because I love sharing what I’ve learnt from some of my favourite coaches with younger girls in the sport.

For coaching they went to Lethbridge for two games on a Saturday in October and then I had to get back to Springbank for my own game that night- it was a very crazy day.

I also reffed my first game of the season the other night.  I got called about a half hour before the game since the one ref wasn’t going to be able to make it due to the snow we were getting.  The game went pretty good and I actually made it to the rink on time and was even ready a few minutes before the zamboni was finished.

I’m actually taking this weekend off from being out on the ice since I have a knee injury  that’s been going on for a while and I’m back at the knee doctor next week to see what the doctor says this time.

I’ll be out at another University of Calgary ringette game this weekend taking photos as well as a couple other events for photo assignments.  I’m also going to be doing family portraits for a family friend on Saturday.

It’s crazy that the first half of the ringette season is almost over, which means the Esso Golden Ring tournament is even closer.

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