Medicine Hat day Two

An early start to day two. Game at 9:15 a.m. and have to be at the rink just under an hour before it. It should be another good day for games.

The first game for the Fireballs resulted in a loss of 10-4 to Medicine Hat. The Fireballs played an amazing game that ended with them leading shots 42-19. It was a good game to watch and the girls kept trying no matter what.

Watching the first period of the game right after coaching proved how much more intense tournament games can be. It was a Medicine Hat vs. Red Deer and Red Deer got a couple quick goals. The game was just played with such more intensity with it being a tournament game and teams that don’t get to play each other often.

My favourite thing during tournaments like this is staying at rinks and watching as many games as possible. I especially like being able to watch games of teams that could be a possible game later in the tournament or ones that will be a game later in the weekend.

After coaching this morning I stayed at the rink talking to Ed Horvath who the tournament is named after. I have reffed with him off and on since I became a ref.  Some people don’t realize that he’s still around the sport if they haven’t met him before.

I watched a U12A Calgary NW vs. Regina Fusion. I coached two of the girls on the Calgary team and had seen their parents before the game so I joined them to watch the game. Seeing girls I’ve coached playing in a higher level is amazing because it just shows that they actually listened to advice I gave them.  It also shows who takes the extra time to practice between each season and who puts in all the extra effort.

The second game for the Fireballs resulted in a win for them against the BV Ice Angels.  The score was 8-7 and BV almost tied it in the last 30 seconds of the game.  I won’t go into too much about the game other than the girls kept trying no matter what and kept pressure on the other team.

Although they won two games, tied one, and lost one they weren’t able to make it into the final of the tournament.  The final will be NW SWAG vs. Medicine Hat Titanium tomorrow morning.

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