Medicine Hat day One

Well it was a slow start to the day.  Leaving Calgary took longer than it should’ve.  There was a couple accidents so just about every way for getting out of the city for getting to Medicine Hat was backed up.  We drove 12km in 38 minutes.  Finally an hour after we left our house we got to the highway to get on our way to Medicine Hat.

The first game was really tense to watch since the Fireballs were playing the other NW team from Calgary. It just shows how evenly balanced the team are when the games are like that.  The game ended at a score of 4-4 with the tying goal happening with 57 seconds left in the game.  To say that the game was a tense game to watch is an understatement.  It was very tense to watch especially getting closer to the end of the game, because one team would score and then the other team would score not even a minute later.

The second game was easier to watch.  It was against Airdrie, and the game ended with a 9-4 score in favour of Calgary.  Airdrie was short benched with having only the legal amount of players out for the game.

I didn’t get a chance to watch many other games other than the two games where I was coaching today.  Tomorrow there is more time between games where I will spend more time at rinks watching games taking pictures and writing about the games.  It has been a great start to the tournament and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings for games.

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