Lonnie Krahn Day Two

Today was another great day for ringette. The Fireballs won their game this afternoon and now they’re playing in the final of the tournament in the U12C division. They’re playing the team they played yesterday morning so it should be a great game to watch. For me tomorrow it will most likely be a game that will drive us coaches crazy.

In this tournament there are only four teams playing in the U12C division, so the top two teams are the ones playing in the final. For every win a team gets two points, while ties get one point, and a loss gets zero points. The team with the most points is in first place, and it goes on. Some tournaments have a bronze medal game, but this one doesn’t.

I’m actually pretty excited for tomorrow because there will be some great ringette games to watch. The Sunday of every tournament is my favourite day to watch games because of every teams determination to win. As someone who has played the sport I know how it feels to lose s game you really wanted to win, but you have to think of “I’m playing on the Sunday of a tournament, which isn’t easy to get to,” and not be negative.

Even though I said I wasn’t going to ref this weekend I am now, because of them being short on refs. The second game I reffed tonight was an amazing game to watch. I have a feeling I’ll end up reffing the one team a lot this season.

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