Keep away

A good drill/ game for in practice is keep away.  There are a few variations of keep away.

One version of keep away is having five to six players in one of the free pass circles and have all of them but one start with the ring and the ones with a ring have to try and keep their ring away from the one without a ring.

Another version is to have everyone in between the ringette line and blue line and have a couple people without rings trying to get the rings from those with rings.  The one thing to make sure of is to make sure they stay inside the space that you feel is best.

A different one is to have everyone partner up and have them play keep away from each other, again you will want to give them a certain area that they can only be in.  Every time the person without the ring successfully gets the ring they become the person who is trying to protect the ring.

This drill/ game really helps with ring skills and keeping the ring away from someone who would be trying to get the ring from them during a game.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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