How to get through the summer without ringette

Now that the ringette season has come to an end there’s not too much going on until August/ September unless there are different camps held throughout the summer.  After the season was over in the past I would go skating at the Olympic Oval throughout the summer just to keep skating.

I would also go to a 3 on 3 camp that was held weekly all through the summer and it was always a lot of fun to go to and it was something I always looked forward to.

I’ve also gone to the National Ringette School camps in the summer and they were always a lot of fun.

There are probably plenty of different ringette camps offered throughout the summer and quite a few more in August before evaluations start for teams to be made.

Another thing to do throughout the summer in using an old ringette stick and practicing your shot if you have a sport you’re able to do that at.

I plan on getting through the summer until ringette starts for me again by writing about ringette.  I’ll be writing many blog posts, articles for my magazine, and just about anything ringette related.  As well as I will be working at getting better with photography since I got accepted into photojournalism for next year.  Ringette starts for again for me on August 4, 2015 when the U19/ Open August Ringette League camp starts that the National Ringette School is holding.

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