How to deal with injuries

The most important thing to do when you get injured is to not sit on the bench and let yourself get cold, because your injury will get stiff and that is the worst thing to let happen to an injury. I was one of the kids, who would do nothing when I was injured, which led to worse injuries that took longer to heal.

Make sure you figure out if you should use ice or heat as soon as you can and use it often.

If you get injured during a game or practice don’t let yourself get too cold, because if you do you will get stiff and make the injury worse. Try and skate or walk off an injury if you can.

If you don’t feel your injury is healing, or you have a long amount of pain go to the doctors to get it checked out. It’s better to get something checked out if you think it’s not healing properly, so you can make sure you are doing what you should be doing in order for it to heal.

Don’t do what I did when I played I didn’t listen to what my mom would tell me, and some of my injuries have come back easier than they should if I had of treated them properly.

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