How August Ringette League 2017 went

Last night the August Ringette League ended. It was a really fun three weeks of games. When I got to the rink last night there was a total of 13 skaters for the two teams out there playing with no goalies, so they had to score on garbage cans – which is harder than you think. We ended up having nine skaters and a goalie for each team during my game, which I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve played a game with nine skaters. Part way through the second period we started laughing at just about anything that happened while we were on the ice – I feel like we were all just too tired to be out on the ice.

In one of the earlier games the other team didn’t have a goalie, so the ref decided to put a garbage can in the net that we had to get the ring into to score. Now it’s a lot harder than you would think. The other team must’ve picked up on how to shoot on the garbage can after watching us shoot for the first half since they scored more goals than we did on the garbage can. Personally I feel like it would’ve been better to have to hit post to score which isn’t the easiest either when you’re aiming for post, but this way we could’ve hit the post with shots higher off the ice.

August League was really great for getting ready for the season that starts in less then a couple weeks now. I love this way to get ready for the season especially since you get the chance to play with and against people that you don’t normally get to play with or against.

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