How 3on3 went

3on3 tonight went pretty good. There was only one goalie so for half of the ice time we were shooting on the shooter tutor, which I absolutely hate shooting at. I don’t know what it is, but I hate shooter tutors and I would rather have a ring hanging down from the net to shoot at than shooting at the shooter tutor.

Though I did get three goals while shooting on the shooter tutor, but that was because they were flat on the ice shots and I don’t like counting those goals. I did get an assist on another goal though.

It was a rather interesting ice time because there wasn’t a ref, so we were just playing and to be honest it felt so weird not having to watch out for where the ref would be standing.

At one point near the end of the game if I had swerved out of the way I would’ve crashed into the goalie and if that happened I would’ve been down for a while since we were both skating pretty fast. I had pass the ring up to centre ice and then it was passed up into the end with the goalie and I started skating as fast as I could to get the ring for a breakaway and the goalie started skating out to play the ring. As soon as I saw her skating out of the crease and knew that I wouldn’t be able to beat her I turned out of the way because I wasn’t taking the risk of running into her with the season just starting up again.

Tomorrow night I’ll be back at the August Ringette League playing against team Orange.

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