Half a season already gone

I can’t believe half a season has already come and gone. It feels like the season started not that long ago and so many things have happened since the start of the season.

So much has happened since the beginning of the season. I started playing with a team again, joined a team to coach, and have refereed when needed. I’ve also been going to Calgary Rath and University of Calgary Dinos ringette games to take photos.

I went to Lethbridge to coach a couple games and then had to get to Springbank for my own game that night- it was a crazy day for sure.

I missed going to Medicine Hat with the team I coach since I was at a coaching clinic that weekend, so most things I’ve been to this season have been in or around Calgary. I’ve been to a lot more ringette games than I have been in the past during the first part of the season because of going out to Rath and Dinos games, but I wouldn’t change that because it just means I get to watch some amazing ringette games while I take photos- sometimes I stop taking photos and just watch the game after a while.

Now to take a break from being at the rink until Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015 when I’ll be at the University Challenge Cup taking photos and when my team has a fun ice that night.

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