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A quick history of the Western Canadian Ringette Championship

Not a lot of people know how or why WCRC was started or when it even started. I knew very little about this tournament when I first started looking for information, so I thought I would share what I have found with anyone who is wanting to know more about this tournament or just about this amazing sport in general.

Westerns were started in 1997 and hosted only 4 Tween AA (U14AA) teams with the teams being from Alberta and Saskatchewan to offer a developmental experience for the Tween AA teams.

The second year participation grew to include Tween AA teams from all four Western provinces plus a host team.

The event started out with Tween AA being the only division offered. The thinking at the time was that Westerns could give the athletes exposure to an interprovincial championship in other to give them valuable experience from which to draw in the future at a Canadian Ringette Championship.

It was thought that there are other athletes that may not get to experience a national ringette championship, but would benefit from an event such as Westerns. The U16A, U19A, and Open A division were added for these reasons. It expanded to U16A in 2002, with U19A being added in 2003, and Open A was added into 2009.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the history of WCRC if you have any or if you have any about ringette in general.

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