Camera Equipment I’m taking to Maui

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Maui for five days and it took me a while to fully decide what I wanted to pack for my camera equipment. I’m taking as little camera equipment as possible since this really is a vacation to mostly relax.

I’m taking both my camera bodies. My D500 and D750. I was only going to bring one camera since I’m only there for five days, but I decided on both since I have a video I need to work on, so I need both cameras. I’m also going to have my point and shoot with me that my mom will most likely end up using for the majority of the trip.

For lenses I chose my 16-35mm f/4 lens since it’s one of my favourites for landscapes and nature. I also chose my 50mm f/1.8 lens since I really want to challenge myself with using it.

I’ve also recently just gotten a travel tripod, which is perfect for me since I like using a tripod, but don’t like carrying a huge tripod with me. It’s going to come in really handy while shooting photos at night and while on a couple of hikes. I also have my remote trigger for using with my D750 and the remote trigger cord for with my D500 for when I use my tripod.

Since I have a video to work on I’m taking my zoom mic and it’s attachment for on my cameras.

I of course have my external hard drive and camera card importers.

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