Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush time lapse

On Saturday I was at both of the Calgary Rath vs. Edmonton Black Gold Rush games and I tried something that I’ve never done.  I made a time lapse of their game.

The first try didn’t go so well.  At first I tried to have a picture be taken every ten seconds and I found that it was too slow for the fast pace of NRL and the majority of ringette games I watch and have seen in the past, so I then changed it to five seconds and it was just too slow.  I just stopped trying at the first game since I would be at the second game and would get there early enough to figure out what would be best.

Before the second game I found a spot to set up in so my camera was facing the time clock to be able to show how the game went.  I had thought a lot about what I needed to change in between the games, and thought to try the time lapse at three seconds before the teams got out on the ice, and I still found it a bit slow.  I then changed it to one picture every two seconds and I liked the results, so I then made sure I had my camera set up how I wanted it and waited for the teams to skate onto the ice for warmup.

It was a really neat thing to do, and I will be trying more time lapses in the future and trying new things with them since I know there’s always room for improvement.

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