Basic Rules

Ringette has some of the same rules as hockey, though there are some big differences between the two sports. All the rules that I will be talking about can be found in the Ringette Canada rule and case book on the RIngette Canada website under Officials (

Here is the link to where I talked about How the Game is Played:

In ringette you have to pass the ring across each blue line, you can’t go in the goalies crease. If a fourth player is inside the ringette line and if the team with the fourth player in zone gains control of the ring the play is whistled down and a violation is called and the other teams gets the ring; though in the last two minutes of the game if this same situation happens the team with four in is called for delay of game.

There are certain situations where a penalty shot is awarded to a team. If a member of the defending team prevents the scoring of a goal by: intentionally dislodging the net from its normal position, throwing a stick at the ring, and committing a goal crease violation. If a player is on a breakaway with the stick in the ring, and no opponents to get past a penalty shot is awarded if: a member of the defending team commits a penalty that prevents the attacking player from taking a clear shot on goal, the defending goalkeeper intentionally dislodges the net from its normal position, or intentionally removes mandatory protective equipment. There are more situations where a penalty shot would be awarded, but these are the more common situations that you are most likely to see.

If you would like to know how the game is played, or how it’s more of a team sport there are some posts already up with information and if what you’re looking for I haven’t talked about comment or send me in your questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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