August Ringette League game five and six


This week of the August Ringette League was good. Though I missed the second half of the game on Tuesday night, because of my knee really bugging me, but I got a pretty nice goal before I left.

We white won on Tuesday 7-2, and the goal I got was right before half time. It was just after a free pass and I got a one-time pass from the other side of the triangle and the goalie hadn’t expected that pass. As soon as I got the pass I shot the ring into the open net.

Last night I played defence, which I haven’t played in quite some time. The game went pretty good considering I haven’t played defence since probably my third last season playing. Some of my coaches I have had know that I’m good on either defence and forward, but prefer forward and some seasons we just didn’t have enough defence so I ended up playing defence.

We won 10-7, and it was a really good game.

Right now I’m just waiting to get an email about when I play next week because it’s the finals of the August League.

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