Another season has come to an end

Well another ringette season has come to an end. It was a season full of a lot of ice times for myself. Between the start of September and the end of November I was at the rink/ on the ice with the team I had coached 40 times.

As for playing we were two games away from playing in Provincials. It was an amazing season and I can’t wait to have games again next season. We just had our wind up party the other night and it was really great to see most of the team again.

For some people like myself we won’t have any ice times until August/ September, which already feels entirely too long. For others Spring/ Summer ringette is right around the corner. And for some it’s time to play other sports.

Last weekend I ended the season with RAB Cup since it was held in Calgary and it was a great experience and such a great way to end the season.

Time for a break from the rinks for a little while longer before counting down to being back at the rinks.

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