Another Esso Golden Ring come and gone

Well the end of another Esso Golden Ring has come and gone. The weekend was full of early mornings, late nights, and a full schedule in between. After taking a few days to relax and stay home from the rinks to get a bit of a break from the sport is almost a must after this tournament.

I think the weekend went pretty good with having 190 teams playing 365 games in just the three days. From what I saw during the weekend it went smoothly.

There were some amazing games to watch, especially the Calgary Rath games. I got to watch their game on Sunday at the Don Hartman North East Sportsplex and it was an amazing game to watch. I love going to watch their games because they always play with such intensity and determination. They played four games in just two days; with Ottawa Ice coming in for the weekend it doesn’t make sense for them to only play one game.

It was an amazing weekend to watch games. Every game was played with a lot of intensity and determination. Good luck to everyone who participated in the rest of the season.

With the tournament done it means that the end of the season is around the corner with only a few tournaments left along with Provincial Playdowns, Provincials, and Playoffs still left. The rest of the season should be good to watch.

With the Golden Ring complete now there is some time to rest before having to start the planning the 30th Annual Esso Golden Ring, which will happen in January 2016.

Published by Elizabeth Merritt

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