An amazing experience

This morning I had one of the most amazing experiences. I got to be on Calgary Rath’s bench during their game to take photos. It was amazing, not only did I get a lot of amazing pictures I got to see how it was on the bench at their level. When I was younger and still learning the game of ringette I looked up to the Rath girls and have always loved watching their games.

Rath came back to tie the game 6-6 with only 10 seconds left of the clock, and then lost it in a shoot out. I would’ve absolutely loved getting to go to more of their games this weekend, but I had to be coaching during their other games an hour and a half out of Calgary.

With Rath’s two wins yesterday and their shoot out win in their second game today they are representing the West at Nationals along with Edmonton Wam.

BC Thunder huddles as a team before the game.


Calgary Rath watches intensely during the shoot out that determined the winner of the game.

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