Mothers and Daughters

Ringette, a sport that can be played by anyone at any age isn’t just a sport for one family member, but is a sport that mothers are signing their daughters up for.

“We love the actual game itself. Ringette is a fast game and one that involves a lot of skill and athleticism,” explains Kathy Leonard who has been playing ringette for 39 years and has two daughters that play.

“My dad saw a ringette game and since my brothers played hockey he decided it would be good for me to also be on the ice,” says Kim Zizakovic who started playing ringette in Pierrefords, Que. in 1977.

Kim recalls her first ringette experience as being thrown into a game and because she could barely skate, she held onto the boards.

“We love the friends you make, team bonding fun and love playing the game,” explains Robin Morris, who has two daughters who play and her mom coached her.

Kathy Leonard’s daughter, Deja, started playing ringette when she was five years old. It was an easy to sign up for Darrah, who wanted to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

“She spent many years following Deja’s team around the country on tournaments with AA and worshiped the big girls that played the game,” explains Kathy.

Kim didn’t give her daughter Milana a choice in joining ringette.

“I loved ringette so much I decided she too would fall in love with it. Her first year of bunny she cried and held onto the net posts for half the season,” explains Kim.

Robin and her husband coached their daughters Tori and Tana when they were Bunnies and Robin stills coaches them now.

“My best friend started playing and asked me to come out. I loved it and have been playing ever since,” explains Robin on how she got started with ringette.

Tori and Tana wanted to play ringette just like their mom.

Leonard has coached both of her daughters, so each game, practice, and dryland has become a family affair.

“There is a special camaraderie that is shared when you get to be both mom and coach. It allows me to get a glimpse into my daughter’s lives in a very positive environment and see how they interact with their peers, deal with winning or losing, and work to attain their goals,” explains Kathy.

Kim loves the competitiveness, the speed and the fun they have on the ice and on the bench.

“I started coaching nine years ago and have enjoyed every season I’ve spent with my daughter and her teammates,” says Kim.

Kathy and her daughters often say that the girls you meet in Ringette remain the people you have the most in common with, and stay close to as the years go by.

Kim stayed involved because it’s a great way to stay in shape and to have a blast with friends.

“I love the friendships,” says Milana Zizakovic, who has been playing ringette for nine years.

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